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In today’s unsurprising news, Yahoo! reported that for some people, their sweet tooth is biologically similar to a cocaine addiction. For anyone who demolishes king size candies in mere seconds like myself, this bit of news did not come as a shock. It did, however, alert me that there are plenty of other suckers like me who can’t stay away from having something sweet after every meal (and sometimes in between, too). Luckily, summer offers many dessert options that are healthier and less full of processed sugars than my usual fare. If you’ve fallen prey to a cocaine, I mean sugar, addiction, then you might be interested in some of my favorite summertime desserts which pack a little less sugary punch.

Yoplait‘s Whips Yogurt- Chocolate

The texture of this yogurt actually simulates chocolate mousse, and I’m not just saying that. The chocolate taste of this makes you forget that you’re eating something that some would consider healthy. Now, don’t get me wrong, there’s definitely stuff on this ingredients label that I can’t pronounce, but overall it’s a better alternative than many other desserts. The best thing about swapping traditional summer desserts for this stuff is that it also tastes delicious frozen. If ice cream is your weakness, try popping a few cups of this into your freezer instead. You’ll get the same taste with the dairy, protein, and probiotic cultures that make yogurt great.


I have long professed that blueberries are nature’s perfect food, but no matter which berry is your favorite, there are tons of dessert options for them in the summer. The first, of course, is just eating them plain. Ripe berries are sweet enough to satisfy even a demanding sweet tooth. If you want something different, mix things up a bit by mixing berries with walnuts or make a berry yogurt parfait. One of my favorite desserts is blueberries with milk and sugar. The hardest part though, is going easy on that sugar.

Dark Chocolate

If you’ve got to have chocolate, switch to a darker variety. Recent studies have shown that dark chocolate has heart-healthy and brain-healthy components, as well as good-for-you antioxidants. That still doesn’t give you an excuse to eat an entire bag of dark chocolate Hershey’s kisses, but it does take away the guilt from nibbling on a piece after supper.

Edy’s Fruit Bars

These popsicles are all natural and made with real fruit, so they are a great alternative to the traditional popsicles that the ice cream man sells. They come in a variety of flavors (strawberry is my fave) so there are lots of options to suit any tastebuds. There’s still a lot of sugar in these, but fruit sugars are much better than the processed ones in a lot of sweet treats.


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