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Almost all cocktails and mixed drinks share a common ingredient: ice! It is the simplest ingredient that deserves much more attention seeing as it is the most overlooked. Ice not only chills a drink but also creates texture, depending on the cocktail you are making. There are different types of ice used in making drinks: cubes, cracked, crushed, shaved, and recently popular ball ice. Each form is specific to the […]

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Who doesn’t like a good time at a get-together with family and friends?  For many this includes alcoholic beverages. But what about those who choose not to drink, or are underage? The answer is simple; make drinks that taste great, without the alcohol. The following seven non-alcoholic drinks are recipes that have been tried and loved. The first drink is sparkling breakfast punch. This recipe can be made ahead of […]


I spent my first 1-1/2 years out of college living in Houston, Texas. It was 1981-1983, at the tail end of an oil boom period, and Houston was booming. It was a great town to be single, although at the time I was too shy and anxious to fully take advantage of the gorgeous women that were everywhere. But I did fully enjoy the alcohol-based nature of its culture at […]