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Trying to come up with a creative idea for your holiday card this year? It’s not too late to send out the perfect card to all of your friends and family. We have looked through some of the best holiday cards this season, from handmade cards to family photos, there are plenty of routes you can take depending on your style. Here are some of our favorite family photo Christmas […]


Christmas is just around the corner and many homes will be brightened up again by colorful light decorations to achieve a festive atmosphere. Whether it’s Christmas lights on the trees, the fireplace, and even in the gardens, nothing beats having a holiday glow for you and your family to adore. Thus, it can’t be helped that electricity bills go on a hike around Christmas time. Besides the pain on our […]

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This guest post is provided by Adam Heinz of GiftZip.com, a supplier of very green e gift cards from hundreds of your favorite retailers! Going green seems to be all the rage today, so chances are, you’ve got some folks that have gone all-out green on your Christmas list. If they’re hard-core Greenies, then it’ll be hard to pick out anything that hasn’t been made with materials that are harmful […]


Do kids today know that holidays are nowhere near as good as they were when we were kids? For one thing, it snowed more at Christmas back then. It seems we ALWAYS had a white Christmas. Thanksgiving was better too. It started on Tuesday when school got out and continued all week until we went back on the following Monday. I loved Thanksgiving Day. We drove over to my cousin’s […]