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Over the past year, the decline of oil drilling has been significant. The major cause of concern has been the speed of the decline. In just 18 months, oil drilling has achieved the same percentage decline as in the 80s. The problem is, in the 80s this percentage decline was stretched over 1982 to 1987, a five-year period. So how are these significant declines affecting the construction business? Well, in […]


I have a son who currently has no clear direction in life.  He’s 18 years old, just about to graduate high school, has no interest in going on to higher education, and also realizes that our modern society values that overpriced piece of paper called a “university diploma” too much to completely ignore some kind of specialization & training after high school. Let me be clear here.  It’s not that […]


Evaluation of Building Structures and Materials Green buildings are often referred as sustainable buildings or green construction. In reality, these buildings are about utilizing environmentally responsible processes for developing structures. Such processes are expected to prolong the life of the building through their resource efficiency in terms of building foundation, renovation, maintenance, operation, construction, design as well as deconstruction. Comfort, durability, utility and economy are a few classical factors that […]