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When it comes to having some fun with your family and friends, your own backyard become the center of activities. It is often said that your backyard is your paradise and the saying is somewhat true as this is the place in which you can relax and feel like you’ve been somewhere, and also offers all the comforts of your home. In hectic speed at which we lead our lives […]


Who doesn’t like a good time at a get-together with family and friends?  For many this includes alcoholic beverages. But what about those who choose not to drink, or are underage? The answer is simple; make drinks that taste great, without the alcohol. The following seven non-alcoholic drinks are recipes that have been tried and loved. The first drink is sparkling breakfast punch. This recipe can be made ahead of […]


This guest post is provided by Adam Heinz of GiftZip.com, a supplier of very green e gift cards from hundreds of your favorite retailers! Going green seems to be all the rage today, so chances are, you’ve got some folks that have gone all-out green on your Christmas list. If they’re hard-core Greenies, then it’ll be hard to pick out anything that hasn’t been made with materials that are harmful […]