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A good food storage plan will help you be prepared for any major emergency. When blizzards, earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes and flash floods occur, roads won’t be safe for traveling. Stores will be closed. And, emergency assistance crews may not be available to help you for quite a while. If this happens, you’ll need to be self-sufficient for days, possible weeks or months. Having a long term food storage plan is […]


Freeze drying food is a technique that some cultures have practiced for centuries. However, modern western civilizations started experimenting with freeze dried foods after the end of World War II. Use of this technique for preservation of perishable items had been successful during the war. There are a considerable number of advantageous benefits to be enjoyed by utilizing the freeze dried process for foods. Here is a listing of the […]


This guest post is provided by Adam Heinz of GiftZip.com, a supplier of very green e gift cards from hundreds of your favorite retailers! Going green seems to be all the rage today, so chances are, you’ve got some folks that have gone all-out green on your Christmas list. If they’re hard-core Greenies, then it’ll be hard to pick out anything that hasn’t been made with materials that are harmful […]