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A town that has as much history as Provincetown is sure to have at least a few ghosts, but the beautiful summer destination at the tip of Cape Cod seems to have more than its share of spooky encounters. While many of these haunted places are historic sites, some are accommodations, too. If you’re like me, though, and aren’t interested in staying at a haunted hotel or inn–I’d suggest staying […]


Do kids today know that holidays are nowhere near as good as they were when we were kids? For one thing, it snowed more at Christmas back then. It seems we ALWAYS had a white Christmas. Thanksgiving was better too. It started on Tuesday when school got out and continued all week until we went back on the following Monday. I loved Thanksgiving Day. We drove over to my cousin’s […]


Pumpkins have always been a classic element of Halloween decorum. They can range from frightful and gruesome to playful and humorous. There exist a variety of methods in which to carve pumpkins, including the use of stencils, drawing utensils and a wide variety of carving tools. The sky is the limit when it comes to the creativity you can apply to any pumpkin-carving endeavor you take on! However, so many […]

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