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Founded the same year as the Jamestown settlement, in 1607, Santa Fe is still a capital city and a vibrant center of art and culture more than 400 years later. From the intricately detailed bronze doors of the Basilica of Saint Frances to the fascinating exhibits in the city’s many museums to the heights of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, Santa Fe offers an almost limitless range of outdoor pursuits, fascinating history, and […]


Edenton, which sits on the banks of North Carolina’s Albemarle Sound, teems with historic sites ranging from Revolutionary War homes to Civil War trails. With America’s most intact Colonial courthouse, the town is a treasure for history buffs. The following Edenton attractions are a few of the compelling spots in North Carolina’s first permanent settlement.


There are few materials more widely used by mankind than steel in today’s age, and it’s a material that help spring load the world into an industrial revolution. Here’s a very brief history of steel and how it’s played such an important role in human history. Early Beginnings Iron has been used for thousands of years for basic tools and weaponry. Its wide availability and durability was what made it […]