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Many of your average Americans are familiar with Easter, its history, its meaning, and when it is celebrated. Fewer average Americans are familiar with Passover, a Jewish holiday that also takes place in the springtime – typically in March or April, depending on the calendar. The celebration of Passover occurred before the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ. Pasach, originally meaning “Passover,” was later adapted to mean “Easter” as well (“paschal”). Passover […]


Business analytics is the study of past performance to gain insight on how decisions should be made in the future. Companies can analyze data from the past to help predict future performance and trends. How can this be applied to Thanksgiving travel? Analysis of this data is useful for many sectors of the travel market, from transportation providers to everyday travelers. Take a look at these Thanksgiving travel statistics and […]


Christmas is just around the corner and many homes will be brightened up again by colorful light decorations to achieve a festive atmosphere. Whether it’s Christmas lights on the trees, the fireplace, and even in the gardens, nothing beats having a holiday glow for you and your family to adore. Thus, it can’t be helped that electricity bills go on a hike around Christmas time. Besides the pain on our […]

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Pumpkins have always been a classic element of Halloween decorum. They can range from frightful and gruesome to playful and humorous. There exist a variety of methods in which to carve pumpkins, including the use of stencils, drawing utensils and a wide variety of carving tools. The sky is the limit when it comes to the creativity you can apply to any pumpkin-carving endeavor you take on! However, so many […]

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