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The winter can be a very difficult season for your outdoor equipment. If you have an outdoor air conditioning unit, an outdoor water heater, or other equipment it is important to take steps to prepare it for the winter. Not only can the dirt and debris cause damage outside, rust can actually deteriorate the equipment, leading to the need to replace items before their life should be up. If you […]


Many new pool owners realize very quickly that they’ve gotten in over their head. Trying to figure out everything they need from pumps, to filters to the intricacies of pool chemicals, it’s amazing many beginners can get them up and running at all. Once the heavy lifting has been done and an owner has a decent understanding of pool chemistry there are still many decisions to be made. One that […]

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I love the outdoors as much as the next guy, and the summer sun brings me sweet memories of camping outside and long days at the beach. But when it comes to my house, I want to keep the outdoors out. On a humid day, I want the air conditioning going and not even a speck of soil on my floors. In any season that’s not easy, but in the […]

Categories: Home Stuff