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Over the past year, the decline of oil drilling has been significant. The major cause of concern has been the speed of the decline. In just 18 months, oil drilling has achieved the same percentage decline as in the 80s. The problem is, in the 80s this percentage decline was stretched over 1982 to 1987, a five-year period. So how are these significant declines affecting the construction business? Well, in […]


Houston area residents may be interested to learn that everything from ultrasound gels to hip implants were recalled in the last quarter of this year. That makes a two-year high of more than 100 million for the number of units affected by a recall. The number of devices recalled in the previous quarter actually declined however, the number of units involved increased. ExpertRecall, a company known for tracking products for […]

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I spent my first 1-1/2 years out of college living in Houston, Texas. It was 1981-1983, at the tail end of an oil boom period, and Houston was booming. It was a great town to be single, although at the time I was too shy and anxious to fully take advantage of the gorgeous women that were everywhere. But I did fully enjoy the alcohol-based nature of its culture at […]