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You might have heard of ELISA test kits before, but not really understand what they are for. And the name ELISA is not really a woman’s name, but the term actually has a more scientific origin. ELISA stands for “enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay”, which is a method commonly used in laboratories to diagnose various diseases in the form of ELISA tests. Using blood or urine samples, the ELISA test measures a […]

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There are few materials more widely used by mankind than steel in today’s age, and it’s a material that help spring load the world into an industrial revolution. Here’s a very brief history of steel and how it’s played such an important role in human history. Early Beginnings Iron has been used for thousands of years for basic tools and weaponry. Its wide availability and durability was what made it […]


It is time to go back to school again which means it is time to play those stupid ice breaker games. It seems like every professor and teacher thinks it is necessary to play these games, when really it isn’t. In grade school, everybody, except for the one or two new kids know each other already and in college most people could care less where Bob and Susie went to […]

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