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Choosing a wedding venue is one of the key components to wedding planning. The venue is where the wedding will take place, so it’s important to look for a venue that will serve not only its purpose, but one that is also cost-effective with potential wedding packages that might influence your decision. There are plenty of wedding venue options. You might choose a bed and breakfast, many of which offer wedding […]


There are hundreds of types of weddings to have: classic and elegant to fun and chic. The style of wedding you choose may depend on your family or it could depend on your background and where you came from, and for those with southern roots, they’re sure to stick to the old-fashioned southerly theme. Southern weddings are typically warm and welcoming. They have great home-cooked food and usually encompass some […]

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When it comes to your wedding, guests will be arriving with gifts, taking photos throughout the ceremony and reception, and bottling up excitment for you and your significant other. That’s why it’s important to give your guests a place to share their photos, drop off their gifts, and express their excitement. So for your wedding, be sure to include these necessary items for your guests. Guest Book Many brides and grooms […]

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