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Planning a destination wedding can be tricky if specific steps are missed and choices are not well thought out. Picking the right place is exceedingly important, especially in Willamette Valley, Oregon. It is a beautiful, lush, wine country that is the perfect setting for any wedding. With a little extra work and attention to detail, you can have the wedding of your dreams in Willamette Valley.


Your special day deserves some of the best flowers, cake and live music. You’ll look back at the photos you take on this night forever. Imagine someone 200 years from now looking up their great, great grandmother and discovering some of the most beautiful wedding pictures. What can you do to make your special day fabulous?


Choosing a wedding venue is one of the key components to wedding planning. The venue is where the wedding will take place, so it’s important to look for a venue that will serve not only its purpose, but one that is also cost-effective with potential wedding packages that might influence your decision. There are plenty of wedding venue options. You might choose a bed and breakfast, many of which offer wedding […]


From the shoes to the dress, every little detail on a bride must be perfect on her wedding day–and that’s including her hair. This fall, there are a several fall bridal hair trends that are natural, and elegant for the perfect fall wedding. Incorporate Flowers Flowers in the fall make a statement. Just because it’s getting a bit chillier doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate floral into your wedding, includig your […]


Choosing a venue for your wedding is one of the most exciting components to wedding planning. Just as there are with indoor venues, outdoor venues have certain distinctions that can either add or take away from the appeal, depending on the couple. It is most important to make sure you are comfortable on your big day and choosing a perfect location can be a large factor. Here are a look […]


We have all witnessed faux pas and social snafus. Aside from being embarrassed for the people involved, these little incidents don’t usually affect us too much. But how do you respond when you’re at the receiving end of one of these slip-ups? Emily Post has come to the rescue to explain the proper response to several common interpersonal party problems. “What if someone has failed to RSVP to my event?” […]


You’ve picked out your dress, your tuxedo, the flowers, and the venue. Everything else is ready to go – but what about your wedding songs? Your first dance as a married couple is a highlight of the reception, so it’s important to choose the perfect song. And everyone loves to dance at wedding receptions, so make sure to pick tunes that will get your guests moving! No matter your taste […]