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You may be asking yourself, do wines really have seasons? They do and generally it has to do with their flavor and the foods the wines are best paired with. Wine is a very intricate drink and mixing the wrong flavors can really ruin your whole experience. Many people think that you can drink any wine you want with any meal. Most avid wine drinkers would cringe¬†at the thought. This […]

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Lake Michigan Shore’s Wine Country is home to some of the best wines across the globe due to the “lake effect.” The unique climate around that area of Michigan is great for growing grapes, and it resembles the same climate that is perfect for growing wine. Michigan wine has become so popular over time that people buy Michigan wine online from all over the world. Discover what the buzz is […]

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Pairing wine and food is kind of like an art. Some people are very diligent about what to serve with a particular type of wine while others really have no clue. There are some snacks that can be clumped into the universal category of wine pairing–meaning, they go with just about any wine and taste great. Here are some of the best snacks that go well with wine:

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