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University of Texas Players In The NFL Draft

The University of Texas Longhorn Band performi...

The University of Texas is one of the most prominent school bodies in the state of Texas. And though they are known mostly for their superior academic performance, the University of Texas has also served as a breeding ground for exceptional football players. In fact, a diversity of players have been discovered from the University of Texas and included in the NFL drafts.

Steelers logo, 1963–present

Steelers logo, 1963–present (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Casey Hampton Jr.

Born on September 3, 1977, Casey Hampton Jr. aka Big Snack, is an American football player for the Pittsburgh Steelers in the National Football League. Hampton Jr. played college football at the University of Texas and earned All-American awards. The Pittsburgh Steelers chose him in the beginning round of the 2001 National Football League draft picks. Since then, he has played his whole professional career for the team. During his professional football career, Hampton Jr. played in a total of 157 regular season games with a record of 350 tackles, 9 sacks, 3 pass deflects, 4 forced fumbles and 2 recovered fumbles.

Tray Allen

Positioned as an offensive guard, Tray Allen lives in Grand Prairie, Texas. Standing at 6’4 and weighing at 305 pounds, Allen is a very explosive player of football and started his career in the University of Texas. Allen likes to stays low with substantial leverage and is known to play great offense. Allen is extremely quick on his feet enough to execute the play in front and to the second degree while Allen has a strong background with the role of a pass protector. He can play as a guard or tackle during his college football career and is impressively strong, yet a position as guard may seem as a better fit for Allen. Allen is described by critics and experts as a player who loves to hit and play to the whistle, the type of hustler who does not give up on a play and is always on the line to keep his block or get down field for another.

Jamison Berryhill

Born in Odessa, Texas, Jamison Berryhill was awarded with a scholarship grant before his junior football career after a walk-on at the University of Texas. Berryhill, at an early age, has been acclaimed for many things, including one of UT’s Frank Denius Most Valuable Special Teams Player Awards and being named as the game captain during the Iowa State, Kansas and Texas Tech matches. Berryhill played in all 13 games during 2011 as a key special teams performer and fullback.

Ahmard Howard

Howard hails from Houston, Texas and is taking up a major in physical culture and sports. Standing at a height of 6’4 and weight of 235 pounds, Howard plays on both offense and special teams, playing in all 13 games during 2011, including 4 on offense. Howard is positioned as a tight end in his team and is a prep all-American who was one of ESPN’s Top 150 National Prospects, earning all district awards at both tight end and defensive end positions.

Fozzy Whitaker

Standing as an all-purpose back, Fozzy Whitaker is a 5’10 202-pound football player who has the potential of being picked at the NFL drafts. Born in Houston, Texas, Fozzy Whitaker played in the first 9 games with six starts prior his tragic season ending knee injury he suffered during a match in Missouri. Over his 5-year career, Fozzy Whitaker played in a total of 38 games.

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