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outdoor-patio-decorating-ideas-picturesIt’s summertime and if you don’t have a decorated or completed patio yet, it might be time to start considering. There are many pros to a completed patio–entertainment, relaxation, and a santuary to “get away.” The cons, on the otherhand, are a bit more realistic, such as cost and upkeep. Regardless, patios can be affordable and even raise the value of your home if you ever plan to sell and show it off. Before we get carried away, there are few tips you should consider if you want to bring your “home” to your backyard.

Outdoor Furniture

Look for weather-proof outdoor furniture. While purchasing some of this furniture you may think you’re breaking the bank, but you’re not in the long-run. Outdoor patio furniture is meant to withstand rain and weather. Over time, you may have to replace some materials, but overall, outdoor furniture is no match for the elements, so you’re really saving some extra dollar signs here.

Reuse and Up-Cycle for Decor

Up-cycle anything that you have in the basement or storage, like any unused flower pots in the garage or garden. Decorate with an old door you aren’t using or any sort of “junk” you could possibly find. This will save you time and money on buying “new” rustic-style decor and instead, up-cycling something that you already had. Or, scout out some local garage sales–these have the best decor that are perfect for outside. Like the saying goes, one man’s junk is another man’s treasure.

Decorate with Plants

Don’t over-do your patio with too many flowers and plants–guests won’t want to sit in a jungle. In face, too many plants may attract bugs, but there are some plants that can repel them. If you are going to add some plants to your dream patio, consider adding ones that are bug-free and smell great.

About the Author: Lyssa is a guest contributor for Valley Brokers, a full service real estate company serving home buyers and home sellers in the Mid Willamette Valley.

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