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Nursing assistants are an important part of hospital staff, and must receive training to perform their jobs properly. To become a certified nursing assistant requires two qualifications; a high school diploma or the equivalent (such as a GED) and to have completed between six to twelve weeks worth of training in a CNA certification program.

There are several places where one can find Certified Nursing Assistant programs, each of which will have its own advantages.

Community colleges and medical schools; Many colleges and medical schools offer CNA training and often provide the option of taking the necessary courses through online programs. However, even online programs most likely require the student to attend at least a certain amount of the course on campus.

Nursing homes and long term care facilities; These establishments are a popular choice for future nursing assistants. Nursing homes and care facilities often cover the costs of training and education to nursing assistants who stay on to work for them once they’ve obtained certification.

The American Red Cross; American Red Cross is considered one of the best options for CNA courses because of the low cost of training (some applicants can even obtain training for free). American Red Cross is also a good option because of how highly credible and recognizable it is as a first rate medical organization. Nursing assistants who train with American Red Cross are often given first consideration when applying for a position.

Not all venues that offer CNA training are considered qualified. Make sure before enrolling in any CNA program that it is in fact recognized as a legitimate one by the proper authorities. This can be done by checking with your state’s Nursing Aide Registry, or the Nursing Accrediting Commission.

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