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OSU House

Things are starting to heat up, and I’m thinking about some places I would like to visit this summer. Since I’m one of the outdoorsy type, I would like to spend my summer camping, hiking, fishing and just generally enjoying the open wilderness. That’s why I’ve picked Corvallis Oregon as my top vacation spot for now. Here’s why:

The Corvallis area has a huge number of hiking trails, and sprawling out in all directions. Some are a short 2 mile look for the novice, and others will take you all the way out to the Pacific coast. Because Corvallis is a fairly populated region, these trails are well maintained and have quite a few rest stops and places to sit. Before you take off on any hiking expedition, make sure you have long lasting Dickies pants or tough hiking pants so your hike is comfortable and fun.

Corvallis sits in the heart of the Willamette Valley, which is known for their outstanding wine. It is hard to find wine grapes that grow well in such a northern climate, and the unique topography and climate of Oregon makes Oregon wine one of a kind. If you are of age, there are many wine tours open to the public. If you’re really just looking to pass through the area, there are train vacations that make their stops throughout the Willamette Valley just so the passengers can partake in wine tastings.

I’m quite rooted to the ground at the moment, but if you are looking for a great place to live, take a look at some homes for sale in Corvallis Oregon. Although the real estate market has been gaining some steam, it’s still a buyer’s market and prices across the country are quite low.

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