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Summer is here, and it’s time to seek out your favorite old swimming hole or enjoy the adventure of finding a new one. With America’s abundant rivers and creeks, the old swimming hole is both historic and modern. It is true Americana. Many rural families, especially the kids, wouldn’t dream of standing in line to jump into a city swimming pool filled with chemicals. The well-loved local swimming hole, revisited each summer, reminds the revelers of that favorite rock to jump from or the stately old cypress tree with the rope to swing from and drop into the deepest spot of water. No lifting weights or running treadmills for these energetic folk. Just jump in and never want to go home. Usually, swimming holes are removed just far enough from civilization to provide ample interaction with wildlife and school-age kids can readily identify the swift deer in the underbrush, the hawk or eagle in the sky, and the soft-shelled turtle or bluegill in the water where they are splashing. Swimming holes reinforce family ties and the fun is purely spontaneous. Appetites are whetted for summer food such as burgers and hot dogs on the grill.


The small, friendly village of Wimberly, Texas offers excellent swimming holes to both year-round local residents and visitors from farther reaches from within the state and beyond. Once you’ve found the best Wimberley hotel to stay in during your trip, start planning what to do by adding these swimming holes to your itinerary. Hot Texas summers make the very mention of a swimming hole a welcoming thought.

Blue Hole Regional Park

A favorite is the Blue Hole Regional Park which is a public stretch of Cypress Creek with 100-year old cypress trees creating a magnificent overhead canopy. The swim area covers three acres within the larger 126 acres of the park. Public swimming is seasonal from early May to late September and, due to popularity, swimming reservations are required.

Cypress Falls Swimming Hole

This swimming hole is high on everyone’s list of favorite swimming and recreational meeting places. The falls are created by a man-made dam in the creek, and the dam, in turn, creates the swimming hole. The water temperature is brisk since it is fed by the spring water from Jacob’s Well. The Cypress Falls Events Center hosts beautiful weddings and other summer events.

Jacob’s Well Natural Area

Jacob’s Well Natural Area offers yet another favorite swimming hole in Wimberley, Texas. The cold spring-fed waters are refreshing on the hottest July and August days. The Jacob’s Well swimming hole is managed by the Hays County Parks Department.

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