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What is automation? It’s the sign of the times. It’s the best and most effective way to achieve better output by using the latest technological advances with thinking computers. A lot has happened in the last 20 years. It now takes seconds to talk to someone in Japan, or send an email to a small town in Africa. Computers are faster, and they can do more for productivity and service as long as there are skilled programs behind them.

Better Data Collection

Servers and cloud-based technology help to manage and store huge amounts of data. Imagine stacks of paper filling up rooms or even entire buildings. Wall to wall documents as tall as the buildings themselves does not sound very appealing. With computers and high-tech computerization, it’s all a thing of the past though. Now, with automation, files, statistics, figures, and almost anything else can be gathered, recorded, stored, and retrieved with ease. The same amount of information is collected but takes up very little space. There is increased production and efficiency throughout the company because of synchronization of that data.

Customer Satisfaction

Automated phone services can help to improve the customer service experience. Exceptional customer service is crucial whether it’s a new customer or a returning customer. When automation is implemented into a call center situation, there are two things that happen. Employees are able to focus more on solving individual problems, and other clientele are not forgotten because of automating messaging. Get potential customers through to a list of self-service menus and correct departments as quickly as possible. This streamlines the process and ultimately more customers are helped over time. Quality assurance and retention rates can be measured and improved over time as well.

Virtual Projects

The Internet can work miracles because of computer automation for workgroup or management teams. Computers have the ability now to remotely access another computer even around the world. Have a system in place that will help staff to view, modify, and complete projects even if they are cities or countries apart. Administrators and executives will not have to oversee every aspect of a project because of real time adjustments. With supercomputers and high speed Internet connections manual labor tasks are updated and restructured and aimed at faster, smoother results. Data entry is also faster and more accurate.

Into the Future

Supercomputers will become even more advanced in the future. A company can achieve more, and save money with one computer doing the work of ten employees. Intricate and detailed software programs are being developed throughout many industries. There have been great strides in not only business administration technology but in health and science inventions.

Even governments and cities are managed better because of technological advances. Some systems can be complex, so troubleshooting support should be reliable. Simplified, user-friendly interfaces are being fine tuned to include easy online training and job responsibilities. The next twenty years could see cutting-edge innovations for even more computerized offices and homes of the future.


This post was contributed to Who Needs Oxygen by Tyson Gifford. Tyson works for the experts in automation and conveyor systems – Bastian Solutions.  To become a guest author yourself, please visit our Write for Us page.

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