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First dates are nerve-wracking. The dilemma of how to be yourself while not being too much of yourself enters the picture. First impressions are that make-or-break factor for snagging that second or third date. Therefore, in order to make the best of you stand out and make that long-lasting positive impression, you need to decide on the right outfit that will make him keep coming back for more.

first date outfitFind out where he’s taking you.

Surprise venues are unacceptable. If he’s trying to keep it a secret because he is that romantic, ask for hints. Would regular T-shirt, jeans, and sneakers do? Would you be doing a lot of walking? Does the fine-dining restaurant require any dress code? As a general rule, tone down on your choice of clothes and do not second-guess and wear something over the top.

Wear something both of you like.

It’s not just about pleasing him; you should also consider your own tastes and preferences when choosing an outfit. If he is a high maintenance type of guy and you’re not, you can still be yourself and dress simply but not to the point that you are not even going to plan what you’re going to wear. On the other hand, a simple guy would prefer his date to not wear something that’s too flashy as he might find you too overwhelming for him. Find a middle ground and pick an outfit that both of you are comfortable with.

Show off your assets discreetly.

Whether it’s your shapely shoulders, never-ending legs, or bountiful bosom, never go too revealing because that’s reserved for the third or fourth date. Be discreet and just show enough to make him want more. The same goes when putting on make-up. Your naturally beautiful eyes don’t need to be accentuated too much with colorful eye shadows. Remember: A little goes a long way.

Go easy on the accessories.

Besides putting on minimal make-up especially if it’s a daytime date, don’t put on too much jewelry or you’ll blind the man! The danger of trying to impress is showing off, and that’s not a good quality to have. Don’t exaggerate on make-up and accessories that will only deviate his attention from you.

Feel confident and be amazing.

The most important advice is to believe in your positive qualities, because if you do believe it, your aura will show it! When you feel good and confident about yourself, your date will sense that vibe and he’ll respond well to you. Go for an early-morning run or listen to upbeat music that will make you feel good about yourself. Once he sees that you are comfortable in your own skin, those dates will keep on coming.

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