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So, if you really put your brain to it, I suppose it makes sense.  I mean, why wouldn’t there be a market for used medical equipment?  We in the United States are are so ridiculously preoccupied with “bigger, better, faster, more” that any time a slightly newer technology for medical imaging comes along, of course the big hospitals will stop at nothing to acquire it.  But what happens to those used MRI machines and pre-owned CT scanners?  I never considered it before.

Siemens Sensation CT ScannerI was just tooling around the internet and found LBN Medical who seems to be slinging used medical devices.  I guess I’d never considered it before but just like there is for cars and houses and computers and even white-box items like refrigerators, washing machines, and dryers (think Craig’s List), there’s got to be a pre-owned market for all kinds of durable medical equipment.  It makes sense and this ultimately becomes a valuable resource for smaller hospitals, countries that don’t have the same need for the very latest technology (or the same willingness-to-pay), teaching / training facilities, and probably quite a few other types of facility that I just can’t think of right now.

I would imagine that, just like when buying a used car, you could get quite a discount off the “list price” when buying used in the medical device industry.  So, for example, instead of paying four million dollars for a brand new piece of equipment, you could pick up a used GE Signa Horizon 1.0T MRI Machine for pennies on the dollar.

Something tells me also that you wouldn’t be sacrificing effectiveness or quality of product.  It looks like these guysGE Signa MRI Machine refurbish and re-certify everything so it arrives at the purchasers facility in tip-top shape…at least that’s what I’d expect.  Regardless, if a company is going to plunk down the many hundreds of thousands of dollars (or maybe millions) required to buy a used Siemens Sensation CT Scanner, I think the purchaser will demand nothing but a perfectly working and exquisitely maintained machine.

On top of that, it appears that the FDA regulates the re-certification & sale of this equipment as well.  I guess it’s happening all the time, then.

Like I said, I’d never really thought about this before so it kind of caught me off guard.  After just a second of thinking about it, though.  It really does make perfect sense.

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