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healthy activities in denverIt is not very surprising that Denver is one of the top healthiest cities in America. With 300 sunny days a year, the Mile High City boasts of trails and parks for many outdoor activities such as hiking, skiing, mountain climbing, biking, and yoga. No wonder the city has the thinnest residents of any U.S. city, and less than 20% of Colorado adults are overweight. Check out these Denver areas you can go if you’re looking for fun and healthy activities. Thanks to Castle Marne Bed & Breakfast for their recommendations; they definitely know the Denver Area better than anyone.

Aurora Reservoir

Take your pick of water activities here at the Aurora Reservoir, which is an 800-acre body of water. You can go canoeing, scuba diving, or swimming, and afterwards, go relax on the beach and drink a healthy protein shake. If you want to go on land, take on the park’s 8-mile hard surface loop pathway circling the reservoir. A shorter trail is 3.1 miles just south of the reservoir. For more info, visit https://apps2.auroragov.org/oarrs//

Roxborough State Park

Hiking does not seem like work when you’re enjoying the breathtaking view, especially when you go to Roxborough State Park, one of Colorado’s most unique park because of its beautiful red rock formations. Go birdwatching or encounter a variety of wildlife as you walk on the easy-to-moderate trails in the park.  For more info, visit http://www.colorado-hiking-vacations.com/roxborough-state-park.html

Dinosaur Ridge Trail

Hike the 1.5-mile trail along Almeda Parkway and you’ll find hundreds of dinosaur tracks along the way. By the time you finish the hike, you won’t even notice your sweat as you get distracted by the park’s fossil sites, rock sites, and scenic overlooks. For more info, visit http://www.dinoridge.org/dinotrail.html

Skate City

For some roller-skating fun, Skate City is the place to get your feet moving. The skating rinks are designed with a modern appeal and feature a great sound system to keep you in the groove. You can join roller hockey leagues or reserve the place for birthday parties so you can enjoy skating with families and friends.

Denver’s fitness spots are very encouraging places to get fit and be healthy all-year round. Gyms can be boring so why not go out and enjoy the sun while you’re working out? And also don’t forget to have fun!

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