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It’s challenging to determine which country has the best oral hygiene or teeth in the world. No conclusive study has been performed that compares tooth data from every adult in every country. Additionally, there is no universal criterion that states what perfect teeth look like. But some countries invest more into oral hygiene than others, and that usually leads to better dental coverage, more dental hygienists, and overall better health.

Top 5 Best Dental Hygiene Countries

  • Japan – Japan has the most dental hygienists in the world, with over 200,000.
  • USA
  • South Korea
  • Canada
  • Denmark

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Countries that are developed nations tend to have better access to oral hygiene services and products. People that want to pursue dentistry also have better access to education and resources making the overall quality of dental care higher. Oral hygiene can also be linked to diet and income level.

Top 5 Worst Dental Hygiene Countries

  • Ethiopia
  • Australia
  • Russia
  • Brazil
  • Philippines – 97% of their six year olds suffered from dental caries

Countries that are developing nations tend to have lower quality oral hygiene because of restrictions like lack of access to clean water, transportation issues, or it’s not a main priority of the country. For example, dentistry is in an alarming state in Ethiopia with a lack of basic dental services, poor health and oral hygiene education, a severe shortage of dentists and issues with the quality of care.

Standards or perfect teeth around the world will vary. While some countries might define perfect teeth as pearly white and straight, others might base perfect teeth on lack of decay and cavities. One thing is certain though: regular trips to the dentist can promote good oral hygiene and help you mold your vision of perfect teeth.

About the Author: Kim is a guest contributor from Daniel J Derksen DDS, PLLC, a local Lansing dentist specializing in personalized oral health care and services for the community.

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