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We’re always looking for guest bloggers to write & publish interesting and informative articles.  We have very few rules and they all fall under the headings of “don’t be dumb” and “use common sense.”  Here’s a few things to keep in mind.

  • You can choose the topic of your article.  We like to know about all sorts of things!
  • We’re a family-friendly (-ish) website so no articles about swearing, booze, drugs, porn, or anything else you wouldn’t want your young daughter to read.  Legit references to above mentioned topics might be OK under controlled circumstances.  Again…use common sense.
  • We realize that SEO is a “big thing” right now so some people may want to include some links to do whatever ridiculousness they believe that will accomplish.  That’s fine but don’t go overboard.
  • Make your article human readable and interesting.  If it ain’t interesting, it ain’t getting published.
  • Images are pretty.  We like them.  We need at least one image per article for the “featured image” on the site.  Feel free to include more if you like. Credit the photographer where appropriate.
  • We reserve the right to edit for readability, grammar, content, length, number of links, and anything else we think is important.  Let’s be honest, we’re all busy and I’m not going to do a lot of work to your submitted article unless it’s really bad.
  • You can include a byline if you want.  Just put it in your article.  It’s not mandatory.  Don’t load it with links or we might delete them.
  • Attach an MS Word doc or a PDF of your article.  Any other types of files will be trashed and never opened / read.  Don’t send us viruses.  We’re not McAfee.

Other questions?  Ask away!  What are you waiting for?  Contact us below to submit a guest post!